– Fixing and replacing of broken torsion springs

– Rollers Repair / Replace

– Springs Adjustment

– Springs Maintenance

– Snapped Cable Repair

– Spring / Cable Installation

– Garage Door Extension Springs

And Much more …..

Spring replacement for your garage doors is not an easy task and should not be performed alone or by an amateur mechanic. The task needs extreme concept and technical knowledge in order to ensure and deliver a quality work. We at the garage door repair Lakewood agency provide a quality work on spring replacement. Due to daily use of the garage door, a severe amount of pressure is given on the springs is main reason they tend to break down after a certain period of wear and tear. In such cases, it is always suggested to let us know about the problem because we at the garage door repair Lakewood service centre specialize in such tasks related to replacement of garage door springs. The garage door repair Lakewood shall pick your project with complete responsibility and shall fix the problem in not more than an hour ensuring a quality service. Overuse of garage doors or due to bad weather conditions, the garage door springs often tend to malfunction or break down completely. As soon as you discover such a scene, you must not wait anymore and shall take a quick step for the old spring replacement and restore a new one. You should certainly know a fact that the entire mechanism of the garage door depends on the springs as it is responsible to hold back a heavy weight related to the continuous ups and downs of the garage door every now and then. Thus, any issue related to spring replacement should not be neglected. Having said that, spring replacement is not a job everybody can do. This should be specially done by professionals. But you need not worry at all, since we at the garage door repair Lakewood centre are well equipped with the mechanism of such door springs and shall fix any issue related to it, in no time.